Youth Services and Programs

The backbone and livewire of any nation is her youthful populace. ICI offers such youth services and programs that support the youths of Michigan in their daily endeavors. The young-adulthood transition is not a journey that should be traveled alone. That is why we are here to go the extra mile with the youths and teens.

Establishing Chains of Long-Term Impacts

Our youth services and programs provide young people with the knowledge, abilities, and appropriate self-love and confidence necessary to make a difference and have a significant influence on the issues that matter most to them in the society.

Empowering Youth: Islamic Cultural Institute's Commitment to Building Confidence and Potential

Islamic Cultural Institute strongly believes that every youth should be able to show a true sense of confidence in their truest abilities. That confidence is the major determinant of them realizing their full potential. It is also what determines how much impact they can have on the society. Islamic Cultural Institute hopes to give them that enabling and inclusive environment through its youth services and programs, as well as proper pieces of training to match.

Youth Development as Individuals

Young individuals may find their actual potential via public service, which is a formidable instrument. In our little world of hope, we hope that encouraging the youth to occasionally put the needs of others above their own may teach them some of the invaluable lessons of life. With intensive training, chances for community involvement, and a distinguished awards platform to recognize success and motivate more success, we assist youngsters in gaining confidence in their capacity to change the world for the best it can be.
WAP’s youth services and programs are open to all and sundry, without any form of discriminatory approach. Find out how you can participate.