Youth Gyms

We care about your physical fitness just as much as we care about your spirituality. Incorporating all the essential types of exercise, (cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching), you can consider our gym center a good place to burn those excess calories and fat from your body system.

Get Fit at ICI's Well-Equipped Gym Centers in Each Hall

We have a gym center present in each of our halls. This means that there are a total of three youth gym centers, with one allocated to each hall. Therefore, you can walk into any of the buildings to make things right with your muscular and cardiovascular body.
All three fitness studios are well-equipped with workout instruments such as barbell sets, dumbbell sets, training benches, kettlebell sets, pull-up frames and bars, treadmills, stationary bicycles, fitness balls and a host of other equipment that you would expect in a regular fitness center.

Through these events and community gatherings, we hope to be a mouthpiece to the voiceless and be their mediator with the government and other legal agencies. These gatherings are for no specific person; rather, they are for everyone—everybody. With you, with her, with him, with them, with us, we are a strong voice that can only be heard. We can cause a radical change in split seconds.

Adhering to Islamic Guidelines

ICI’s gym centers are established to keep you fit, and help boost your confidence level in the society. Take note that all the gym instructors employed will ensure that every Islamic guideline related to modest dressings, especially for women, will be strictly followed.

It is Open to All

While we call it “Youth Gym” it is open to all and sundry, including the young and the old. Come with your wife, your husband, your children, friends and families to stay fit together. After all, fitness should be the goal of everybody that wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Add that to our inclusive approach to everything about the ICI project, and you will understand why we want everybody in our gym centers.

Lose Weight, Make Friends

Staying fit starts with the right mindset. We believe that being around people with the same goals and aspirations as you will motivate you to be a better version of yourself every time. Because membership in our gym centers is open to all, we are positive that you will make cool friends that you can work out with, and stay fit together with the right mindset.