Quran Teaching School & Islamic Studies School for Kids and Adults

The best way to know more about Almighty ALLAH is by learning and studying the Quran, especially in the midst of like minds. In furtherance of this, we have a Quran teaching school and Islamic studies school that is perfect for both kids and adults.

ICI's Islamic Studies Schools to Inspire Faithful Relationship with Quran and Allah

Islamic Cultural Institute will strive to raise our kids, youths and adults in a way that they will be zealous to develop a faithful relationship with the Quran and learn to obey ALLAH in everything that they do. We are positive and hopeful that our Islamic studies schools will serve as a source of inspiration to both the young and the old, encouraging them to echo the teachings and obey the commandments of Almighty ALLAH.

  • To teach interested students how to correctly read the holy book of ALLAH, the Quran.
  • To help better the memorization skills of interested students.
  • To ultimately reveal to every student under our tutelage all the benefits they can enjoy from the raw word of ALLAH, and give them a taste of its manifestations.
  • To explain certain Quranic words using relevant interesting Quranic stories so they can easily relate and remember in the future.
  • To help interested students establish an undented bond and relationship with the Quran. This will ultimately assist them in holding onto their natural humanitarianism (FItra) which ALLAH had already given to them even before they were born.
  • To discover each interested student’s special talents, strengths, and weaknesses and draw a workable plan on how they can be the best they can be for themselves, the Masjed, their family and the community at large.
  • To indoctrinate the Islamic beliefs into interested students so that their faith in ALLAH can become more solidified. This, we hope, will reduce their risk of alienation from the Muslim society in the future. Also, it will help them become proud of their faith and belief anywhere they are in the world.
  • To help interested students overcome the boredom that comes with routinely reading the Quran. We will teach them how to make the best of every moment with their Qurans
  • To help touch every essential and relevant Fiqh and other general Islamic topics relating to regular prayers, appropriate purification before and after prayers, modest and decent dressing, shunning haram, etc

Go ahead and register now so you can become more attuned to the word of God in a welcoming environment that ICI will be providing for you, your kids, friends and families. We cannot wait to have you already!