Offices for Nonprofit Organizations

We are committed to bettering the lives of Michiganians; therefore, we love supporting every organization that has the same commitment as us. If you are sourcing for an affordable office space for your nonprofit organization in Michigan, ICI has a lot of them to offer you at giveaway prices.

Islamic Cultural Institute: Building an Inclusive and Vibrant Community

Islamic Cultural Institute has been home and a strong advocate of an inclusive and vibrant community. The essence of the whole project is to reach out to people, and make a meaningful impact on their lives. We are more than delighted each time we see another group that shares our ideology and vision. To this end, we love to share resources with them, and them us.

Nonprofit organizations can benefit from our office spaces with affordable rates and essential amenities

If you are a nonprofit organization making meaningful impacts on the lives of the people of Michigan, we have office spaces for you to carry out your activities. Perks include flexible room layout, affordable nonprofit rates, etc.

Amenities include free Wi-Fi, kitchen, chairs, tables, projector screen, projector, spacious parking lot and a host of other additional office equipment as in a fully furnished office.

Offering Office Spaces for Nonprofit Organizations to Collaborate and Build an Inclusive Community in Michigan

With these offices, we hope to transform, support and improve nonprofit organizations tending to emergent community needs like us. Furthermore, we hope to create and establish solid relationships with nonprofit organizations like ours. We are not in competition with any organization; instead, we will strive to work synergistically with them. We want to collectively work together to build the inclusive community that we envision for the state of Michigan. Our goal is to collectively achieve this feat with no trace of racism, nepotism, ethnicism, and religious discrimination.
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