Interfaith and Civic Engagement

ICI converts common values to common action by engaging with communities with different religions and faiths on common ground. A thriving nation must accommodate diverse religions and faiths, and ICI hopes to help that course.

ICI Promotes Interfaith Unity and Understanding through Civic Engagement Programs

Through intentional efforts and moves, we hope to familiarize ourselves with people of a different faith, and vice versa, to get to know each other more and share the commonalities existing in all faiths. Islam, like every other religion, preaches peace, love, and orderliness, and we earnestly hope we all wear the same kind of lens that reveals this to us.
The Islamic Cultural Institute, through its interfaith and civic engagement programs, will seek to know more about people of different faiths and beliefs, better understand them, be more caring and hospitable to them, and show them the peaceful nature of Islam. In this movement, we indiscriminately throw our arms of love and peace toward our neighbors in an effort to work harmoniously with them to create the inclusive society that we all dream of.

The Importance of Interfaith and Civic Engagement

America’s religious landscape is one that is continually changing. According to research, over 69% of Americans are happy with the nature of their country’s religious diversity. It is worth noting that religion and faith are the sixth most popular topics discussed by an average American. All these show how much interest Americans have in religious and faith matters.

Importance of Unity in Diversity Regardless of Religious Differences

Regardless of our religious differences, we are all human beings at the end of the day, and that is what matters most. When it comes to matters of life and death, the question of your religion may never make the list of questions to worry about. This is why it is very important for us all to put aside our differences and become one in diversity, especially in times when our next-door neighbors have different beliefs than ours.

Join the Islamic Cultural Institute's Efforts to Bridge Religious Differences

Having identified these social needs, the Islamic Cultural Institute aspires to be a mediator, a bridge, and a connector between people of different faiths, beliefs, and religions in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran. 

Get in touch to be a part of this wonderful movement. Your opinion and input will be highly appreciated. 


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