Inclusive Community Center

ICI is very happy to provide the people of Michigan with an inclusive community center. This is a center that you can turn to for comfort and other social needs, regardless of your faith and race. Our goal is to be a source of inspiration to you and your family members, to encourage you to showcase your talent and live peacefully with yourself and the world around you.

ICI Aims to Unite Michigan Through Inclusive Community Center

Islamic Cultural Institute would be nothing without fostering an inclusive community center for the benefit of both the privileged and the less privileged. Turns of events change the hands of time, and how people interact with each other. Many people have been ignorantly blinded by racism, nepotism, ethnicity and politics so much that it has become hard for them to see how much they are missing in reality. ICI hopes to bridge these gaps between people of different schools of thought and belief, with the hope of reuniting the people of Michigan.

ICI Community Center Promotes Health and Wellness to Reduce Reliance on Social Services

The major purpose of ICI’s community center is to make available opportunities for active living as well as restitution in a secure, safe and inclusive environment. We earnestly hope that our association will provide a pleasant environment that promotes personal health and wellness, which in turn lessens the need for expensive social services, including healthcare.

Things that You can Benefit from ICI Community Centers

  • Opportunities for you to not just meet new people, but interact with them and form new healthy cliques. Supposing you have been looking forward to changing your lifestyle in terms of diet and working out, meeting like minds will make the journey easier and more enjoyable.
  • ICI’s community center will serve as a common ground for different traditions, customs and cultures. It will be an avenue for you as an individual to share your culture, and learn about other people’s cultures as well.
  • Get access to better healthcare and education through connections and cliques that you will eventually make if you linger and are open-minded enough to grab the opportunities as they come.
  • Giving is a substantial part of living. Our inclusive community center presents you with the opportunities to give to the less privileged wholeheartedly so you can enjoy ALLAH’s bountiful blessings.
  • ICI’s community center hopes to create an environment where the youths and teens are actively engaged in meaningful and productive activities instead of indulging in the typical incriminating activities that most youths are known for nowadays.