Grand Masjed and House of Worship

Say your prayers to Almighty ALLAH in our gorgeous mosque. The architectural layout of the inside is phenomenal while it maintains a modest look outside. You do not need an invite to worship here, as it is meant for and open to all.

Some Heading

The Islamic Cultural Institute’s house of worship is a family-oriented and friendly mosque as well as a community center that provides the people of Michigan a welcoming environment for prayers and learning, delivers direct services to its neighbors, and holds events and programs to foster a sense of communalism.
There are other Masjids, but we want you to know that this is different and unique in many ways, such as the unarguable presence of the feeling of love and comfort. You can securely feel vulnerable whenever you are here.

Be a Part of the Family

Apart from worshiping Almighty ALLAH with a shared sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, we want you to be a part of the big family in every possible way.
You are more than welcome to fellowship with us for salat anytime you are free. Salat usually happens on special events and even during regular programs that take place during the week. Our Jumuah is always full of relevant activities, and classes are packed with useful and sacred information. The Imams do well to impart meaningful knowledge to both young and adult learners. You have no excuse!

Support Us

We Need Your Help

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