Grand Community Event Center

ICI offers a grand community event center that easily accommodates people in their multitude for special events such as high school reunions, retirement banquets, districtwide professional development, and other similar events. It is highly conducive and spacious regardless of the style of arrangement.

New Community Event Center to Boost Michigan's Development Plans and Initiatives

The establishment of our great community event center will be a beneficial addition that will enhance our overall community development plans and initiatives by bringing even more events and activities to the state of Michigan.

"CI Unveils Versatile 50,000 Square Foot Event Center for Diverse Gatherings

The Islamic Cultural Institute’s grand community event center will provide a standard customizable open space of over 50,000 square feet to comfortably host events, ranging from rallies, concerts, campaigns, livestock shows, trade fairs, product launching, vocational seminars, wedding events, and many more.

Anticipate More from Us!

The best of the community event center is yet to come. The vision for the event center is to possess all the amenities that will make it easy to host all kinds of shows in the future. Soon enough, that transformation will come to life, and by then, the facility will be easily and readily customizable to handle all types of outdoor and indoor events.


Highly Personalized Services

Just like you are unique, we believe every event is too. We know too well that no two events share the same DNA. Therefore, trust our team of experts to provide you with the best and most personalized services that will turn you into a loyalist. We are well-staffed with workers that specialize in specific kinds of events. For example, we have wedding planners for wedding events.

The Hall is for You

Once the spot is secured for you, it is yours for the period. You can customize the arena to match your taste. Our dedicated team of workers will work for and with you throughout your event to ensure a sleek and smooth affair.

Maximum Security

While the event center may be open for its nature, it is actually very secure. With security details, including highly trained security personnel and security cameras, no fishy event can go unnoticed. Trust our security system, have fun, and rest easy. We got you covered.

For all Kinds of Events

What you do with our event center is totally up to you. You can decide to have an elaborate 10-people dinner or a hard-to-count vocational training session. You play while we dance to the tune. After all, we are here to serve you and not otherwise. Just make sure not to violate the local and federal laws of Michigan and the USA, respectively.

Serene Environment

The blues of the sky are incredibly alluring when you gaze at them in the spirit of an outdoor event. Couple that with the fresh air and true ambient light you get from this event center, and you will understand that a serene environment matters in an event more than we like to admit.

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The event center is owned by the Islamic Cultural Institute, a project of Muslim humanitarians aimed at promoting an inclusive society, where everyone is unconditionally and equally loved. Our religion has nothing on the offerings of our event services. If there’s any impact, then it would be the fact that we want to spread love and peace, as suggested in our nomenclature (Islamic Cultural Institute). Therefore, we shall be no party to any appearance of discrimination