Events and Community Gatherings

We organize events and community gatherings with the aim of bringing different minds together in solidarity toward a common goal. Sometimes, it can be fun; sometimes, it can be serious; sometimes, it can religious. The goal however is to bring people together for a good course.

ICI's Community Events Foster Unity and Give Voice to the Voiceless

On our quest of bringing people and the local community together for a good course, especially for the fun and fundraising aspect of it, we establish an avenue for a plethora of engaging activities that foster love and unity and much more.

Through these events and community gatherings, we hope to be a mouthpiece to the voiceless and be their mediator with the government and other legal agencies. These gatherings are for no specific person; rather, they are for everyone—everybody. With you, with her, with him, with them, with us, we are a strong voice that can only be heard. We can cause a radical change in split seconds.

ICI Advocates for Equality and Bridge-Building Between Government and People

With your joint effort, we can create a bridge that closes the gap between the government and the people. Not just the government, we can make changes with a positive impact on people talked down because of their color, race, ethnic group and status in the society. We are for equality.

Let’s Become a Helping Hand

Keep in touch with us to be up to date with the events and community gatherings that we have scheduled to take place for the rest of this year, and next year. They promise to be fun, informative, insightful, educative, life-enriching and worthy of your time. You cannot afford to miss any episode of it.